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The 40 Day Challenge: Part II

In the August edition of WOW! Ed and in The 40 Day Challenge: Part I blog post, I challenged you to discover where you fall on our “Heart Centered Scale” by writing down and focusing on the following five themes each day for 40 days: courage, confidence, compassion, consciousness (awareness), and community.

I did the exercise myself, and here are some of my observations from my personal 40 day challenge:

  1. I could be more compassionate.

  2. I don’t always extend the same compassion to my family as I do to others.

  3. Sometimes it is just too time consuming to follow-up to help others.

  4. Oh, I am not as compassionate as I thought.

  5. It became easier to be compassionate when I took on one to two projects and decided not to try to “be everything to everyone.”

  6. It helped to “feel real” when I had one to two projects where I actually was helping one person or group.

  7. Sometimes I lacked the will because I was not confident that I could make a difference.

  8. Sometimes I feel very limited in my capacity to help someone in need.

So here is the follow up to the 40 day challenge. Address questions 1-3 and then implement #4.


1. What conclusions can you reach from your thoughts about compassion, courage, confidence, community, and consciousness?

2. What did you learn about yourself and others?

3. Did you record any ideas about excellence in showing compassion?

Next Step(s)

4. Choose one follow-up activity. It might be to read more about how others are approaching compassion, such as by reading EducationNOW blog posts on Heart Centered Education, or checking out some videos.

Complete the follow up- activity for another 40 days. Follow-up by beginning with the suggestions under #4 and then taking any next steps that you uncover and check in with us in November.


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