Parents and Compassion: A Webinar on the Role of Schools in Healing Family Trauma

By Lauren Kiesel, CEI Intern  “Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.”– Theodore Roosevelt As Suzan Mullane has seen firsthand in her work with West Virginia schools amidst the opioid crisis, family trauma isn’t simply left at the door when students enter the classroom. When addiction leads to an incarcerated parent or teens becoming the[…]

Looking at Discipline Differently: Bringing Restorative Discipline to the Classroom

By Lindsey Erin Feltis, CEI Intern Shame. Embarrassment. Isolation. These are words that students, and teachers, often associate with the traditional punitive style of discipline they see in their classrooms. Even though research suggests that punishment is often ‘ineffective (and) counter-productive,’ many teachers, principals and educators still rely on punishment in their classrooms (Amstutz &[…]

Compassionate Discipline in Practice

By Maddy Pribanova, CEI Intern Incorporating compassionate discipline within schools and homes can be challenging. At times, it’s difficult to know where to start. Senior teacher and trainer, Grace Dearborn, and the Irvington School in Portland, OR have begun adopting the principles of compassionate discipline in their classrooms. Dearborn and others at Irvington apply them[…]

The Strength of Vulnerability

By Maddy Pribanova, CEI Intern Vulnerability – the odds are that a discussion of vulnerability is not a part of your school curriculum. The odds are that your teachers are not encouraged to help children to be vulnerable. However, Dr. Brene Brown, a research professor in Social Work at the University of Houston, and author[…]

Mindfulness Based Mentoring: A Focus on Students from Pre-K to Higher Education

  Join us for this IMA Webinar! Mindfulness-Based Mentoring: A Focus on Students from Pre-K to Higher Education Attend this webinar to explore the rationale for understanding mindfulness as applied to mentoring — including the research on neuroplasticity and the effectiveness of mindfulness in reducing stress and improving well-being, trends on its use, and the[…]

Early Childhood Trauma and Self-Inflicted Injury: Building Trust

By Suzan Mullane, CEI Research Associate and Faculty Editor’s Note: Suzan has trained teams to become trauma care specialists in their own districts. Contact the Center for Educational Improvement for additional information.  The number of children who experience tremendous horror in the first years of life is on the rise, as is the collateral damage of[…]

Yoga Games

By: Madison Rogas, CEI Intern Yoga has become a more widely used tool for educators and parents alike to help teach children self-regulation, develop body awareness, and learn to move their bodies in healthy ways. Yoga also helps decrease stress. By incorporating yoga into preschool classrooms, children have the opportunity to develop tools for a[…]

Summer Yoga Camps

By Madison Rogas, CEI Intern What if a summer experience existed for kids that helped boost self-esteem, instilled a sense of inner peace, and encouraged a sense of play? Well, it does– summer yoga camps for youth are popping up around the U.S. as opportunities that encourage play, and fuel creativity, connections with peers, and[…]