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Creating History in Academic Year 2014

by Christine Mason, CEI Executive Director

Yesterday I took my first double decker tour of DC, with my daughter and grandson, Jack. I have lived here since 1986, and taken double decker tours of London, Stockholm, and other cities, so it was interesting to view a city I know fairly well from another perspective. It was with a sense of pride in the US that I passed by monument after monument, so pleased that I, who had visited the museums  and monuments on countless occasions, was finally getting this opportunity.

Along the route was the National Archives. By now those of you who have been following CEI know that we encourage you to step forward, be bold, and prepare youth for the future.

So what’s history, our written record, got to do with it? Of course we can learn so much by revisiting the past. However, we have an opportunity with each action, each word, each day, to create our own histories. So, in 2014 do you have a plan for the history that your school, your teachers, your students, your families, will create this year?

When you look back on 2014-2015 what will be the history you have created? Will it be a step forward for your students, your teachers, your families?

Will 2014 go down in your books as a year to remember?  Will your actions match your values? At the end of the year will you be able to look back with pride that each student was encouraged, challenged, and supported, that perhaps your school has made a difference?

Suggested activity: Create a collective vision for 2014-2015 with your school community – enter into the year with the with a plan to write your history in May 2015.


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