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ARRA, Assessment, and School Improvement

41 states submitted applications for the Race to the Top program. Wiithin a matter of weeks the winners will be announced. The Race to the Top agenda is ambitious and includes many strategies to accelerate school improvement. Working with a team of experts, including professionals with content area expertise in math, reading, and writing, the Center for Educational Improvement is expanding our capacity to offer high quality services to aid schools and districts in school improvement, including school turnarounds, restarts, closures, and transformations. We particularly want to establish a student-driven approach to ensure greater student buy-in and responsibility, and greater student  and teacher motivation and excitement for the NEXT GENERATION of student assessment. With technologies that offer a multi-media approach and universal design for learning that builds in accommodations for students with special learning needs or ESL backgrounds, the U.S. is at the brink of creating the world’s most progressive assessment system, one that will allow U.S. students to graduate from high school better prepared to enter advanced college programs.  This is a revolutionary time for education. It is time for the post-NCLB era to begin.


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