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A Giving Heart and a Kind Mind

By Vanessa Abrahams, CEI Intern

In heart-centered development, young students learn to practice kindness ‘“an integral component to their overall development. At Plains Elementary School in South Hadley, Massachusetts, students, parents and organizers come together to promote a kind minds program by inventing ways students can understand and practice kindness. Through storytelling, music and forms of expression, local singer and storyteller, John Porcino, reached out to students and penned the Kind Mind Song, the brainchild of not only Porcino, but also all the students at Plains Elementary. The Kind Mind Song comes alive through illustrations of Ruby, Tiger Cub and Mouse, and symbols like the orange heart, which are tangible elements of kind acts to be celebrated.

Programs similar to the Kind Mind Project invite students to practice kindness on a daily basis as they build character and self-awareness through social interactions. The importance of the Kind Mind Song and others like it is that students are learning that their actions have an impact. When taught at a young age that kindness is valued, students learn to be patient, positive and caring towards one another. The Kind Mind Project and others like it are integral to instilling self-management as well as building character and promoting social-emotional learning.

The verses the Kind Mind Song can be read below and in the March newsletter under The KindMind Project title.

The Kind Mind Song              -To the tune of ‘High Hopes’

By John Porcino

Verse 1

Next time you’re found, with your chin on the ground,

There’s a lot to be learned, so look around.

Now Ruby the dog really wanted to play

But nobody noticed, they just walked away

I bet you could guess that day she felt sad, when they went away.

But she had a Kind Mind, a Kind Mind, a caring and sharing and fair mind.

So any time you’re feeling low, ‘˜stead of letting go,

Just think of what you can say ‘“

When Ruby just asked (spoken) ‘Woof ‘“ Hey everybody, I really would love

to play with you, can I join in the game, too?’

They all said ‘Hooray!’

When Ruby just asked, they all said ‘Hooray!’

Verse 2

If we don’t think twice ‘“ we could forget to be nice

Now here’s a little tale about one of the mice.

Once there was a mad little mouse, forgot to be kind when she was playing house

Then she gave herself some advice ‘Say, mice ought to be nice.’

‘˜Cause she had a Kind Mind, a Kind Mind, a caring and sharing and fair mind.

So any time you’re acting bad, ‘˜stead of being mad, just remember that mouse;

She said (spoken) ‘I’m sorry, I wish I had not said that, we could share and that

would be much better. I have an idea ‘“ maybe we could have a tea party, that

would be so much fun ‘“ could we please? I’m sorry’

She said ‘I’m sorry’ Now they’re all having fun playing house.

Verse 3

When you see someone sad, or just plain feelin’ bad,

There’s a lot you can do, to make them glad.

Once there was a cute tiger cub,

His friend fell down, and he almost just shrugged.

Now instead of just shrug, that cub, he stopped, to offer a hug!

‘˜Cause he had a Kind Mind, a Kind Mind, a caring and sharing and fair mind!

So any time some one is sad, time someone feels bad, just remember that cub.

His friend stopped crying, smiled a little and said ‘Yes’ to that hug.

Verse 4

Now Ruby and Mouse and Tiger Cub, too

They’re friendly and helpful, think of what they can do.

Everywhere ‘˜round our school you’ll see that kindness is COOL.

‘˜Cause we all have Kind Minds, yes, Kind Minds, caring and sharing

and fair minds!

Any time someone is sad, time someone feels bad, we think of what we can do ‘“

Helps to make our school so fun and happy,

Helps to make our school so fun and happy

Helps to make our schools so fun and happy ‘“ too!

The image “Red Heart in Hands” by Somchai Som is downloaded from

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