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Visioning the Future of Schools….Visioning the Future

How closely is the future of schools correlated with the future for all globally? Any guesses?

What are the 5 top trends in education today? Perhaps: Common Core Standards; Global Competition for the U.S.; more rigor; more technology; and school improvement.  Other recent initiatives: STEM, Charter Schools, project-based learning, preparation for college, and the small school movement– schools within schools. At least for those of us in the U.S. What about internationally?  Some of the global issues – not sure we can call them trends– are education of girls; use of mobile technologies; greater access to college for more, and the International Baccalaureate and Cambridge accreditation programs– so demonstration of meeting international standards.  With the IB and Cambridge come a host of related programs/expectations such as demonstration of knowledge through team collaboration, Socratic seminars, and advanced placements. Where will youth who are completing programs with these trends end up?  Will they become the innovators and scientists of tomorrow? Will they become world leaders?  How will their leadership differ from world leaders today?

Does any of this make a difference?  Will businesses tomorrow be operated by different standards, values, or principles because of changes in education today?  Will the standard of living continue to rise for countries that expand educational opportunities?  If we were to take several snapshots of classrooms in America today– perhaps at different grade levels, would we begin to see a picture of where our nation is headed? A picture of the work ethic?

In the U.S. today, there is a heavy emphasis on achievement, learning more, handling more knowledge, demonstrating higher levels of skills.  Will these pieces combine for a future where America continues to lead the world in innovations?  Will that translate to a higher standard of living for Americans in the next 10 years?  Are we able to predict? Does it/will it make a difference?

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