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Sharing Love and Joy

By Christine Mason. This Valentine’s Day we are urging you to consider how to live more of a heart centered life — to take the love and joy from this day and make it more of your way of being, day in and day out.

We believe that you will add more joy and love to your life, to your class, and to your school if you, your teachers, and students consciously incorporate CEI’s 5 Cs into your day. We recommend that you plan for, talk about, and demonstrate more: 

  1. Consciousness– or understanding of self and others.  To be considerate, you must first be aware.

  2. Compassion and more empathy — saying and doing things that demonstrate your understanding of how someone might be feeling, acknowledging and considering their needs. Also, when you error, be aware of the mistake, but don’t be too tough on your self. Vow to do better, but know that you are learning. So have self-compassion.

  3. Courage. Including the courage to stand up for others, to take risks that will make life better for others, to not always follow the crowd.

  4. Confidence. Confidence is built through practice, success, and positive outcomes.  When we are confident our lives are more joyous, we worry less and have less anxiety.  Some people are naturally more self-confident than others. Note who needs that extra confidence booster and plan with that in mind.

  5. Community. When we act in ways that support and advance our community, we act for the betterment of all.  The community may be your classroom, your school, your neighborhood, your country, or the worldwide community.

Right now many around the world are focused on the Olympics.  From CEI our Valentine to you — a brief videoclip that highlights the importance of the actions of Shaun White and other Olympians in advancing good will, consciousness, and community.

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