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IPads: Revolutionizing Learning for Children with Disabilities

By Suzan Mullane.


Well, three cheers for Bridging-Apps and its creator Sami Rahman! BridgingApps is a website where educators can explore recommended vetted lessons. Rahman’s Review of Lesson Apps are not only described in detail given a visual simulation, but ranked in quality given 1 to 5 stars. Quality control counts; our students demand it. Special education teachers, speech therapists and the students who have used them are involved in assigning the star quality.

Here’s a sample that would work well for students with autism or students with articulation goals.

  1. Autismxpresspro: helps students visualize feelings on their IPad, such as happy or angry with mood based colors and graphic faces. Download on iTunes for $1.99 ranked 4 stars.

  2. Little Bee Speech, Articulation Station Pro: an assistive communicative device for the correction of articulation errors through pictures. There’s even an interactive colorful game to measure comprehension. No mundane articulation drills here! Download iTunes $39.99 Ranked 5 stars-collects data for IEP’s!

  3. Story Patch: allows a kid to illustrate their own stories with characters and colorful backgrounds. Student self-determination skills are enhanced with this App. Perfect tool to teach social stories. Download on iTunes for $2.99. Ranked 4 and ½ stars.

Have questions on whether the IPad 2 would be a better choice for students? Some educators choose to keep their first generation IPads to save money. But an informed choice is often the best choice. Check out: to get an answer to these questions on hardware and to discover how IPads are changing the lives of students with disabilities.

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