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Compassionate School Culture: Add Your Voice – Respond by March 22

Updated: May 25, 2021

Click here to begin the survey. Principals, please forward to your teachers to respond. 

We welcome responses from K-8 teachers

We are getting so close – yet the validity of our scale will be increased if we have a few more responses. So we are extending the deadline to March 22. Help us reach our goal!

We are also pleased to announce that yet another organization is now supporting this work. KDSL Global will help us bring in a greater international response. Kevin Simpson, Founder of KDSL Global, agrees with us that “compassion and compassionate relationships matter” and that schools play an essential role in nurturing relationships and furthering compassion. Please take 12- 15 minutes to add your voice and support for embedding compassion and building compassionate relationships in our schools.

This 12-15 minute survey measures teacher opinions regarding implementation of mindfulness, compassion, courage, equity, neuroplasticity, and cultural competence. Our aim is to validate this survey so that you can include this measure of SEL as you report annual achievement gains. Our team of researchers piloted a version of this survey last year in a project to empower teachers — the approach we use follows Peter Senge’s model of Core Learning Teams. We help you interpret results and teacher teams decide on areas of need and interest for professional development.

Any school with over 20 teachers responding and a 80% response rate will receive its individual results — individual teacher data are completely confidential — all data are analyzed in the aggregate. Dr. Mason is also available to help you interpret these data.


Teachers may enter a random drawing to receive Amazon gift cards.  We will be awarding 1 Grand prize – a $250 Amazon Gift Card – and 10 additional gift cards, valued at $50 each. Results are determined by a random number generator.


Our thanks to MEMSPA (the Michigan Elementary and Middle School Principals’ Association), TEPSA (the Texas Elementary Principals and Supervisors Association), Lead180, KDSL Global, and the Ontario Principals’ Council for your support. The mission of the Center for Educational Improvement is to support and uplift teachers and schools through 21st Century leadership and learning. Dr. Christine Mason, Executive Director, is a graduate of Port Angeles High School in Port Angeles, WA. Dr. Mason, a cognitive psychologist and mindfulness instructor, received her Bachelor’s in Elementary Education from the University of Oregon and Doctorate in Educational Psychology from  the Ohio State University. The survey is based on 7 years of research, including focus groups, surveys, informal discussions with principals and education leaders and pilot studies at four schools last year. Contact for more information.


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