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CEI’s Final Technology Guidelines

By Christine Mason

Last year CEI held a contest to update CEI’s Technology Guidelines for Principals.  Alleta Baltes won the contest and headed a team that worked with CEI staff to finalize guidelines for principals to use with their staff.  Baltes has served as the principal of the Ashgrove School in Riverton, Wyoming for 20 years.  Her district is now a GAFE district and is headed toward 1:1 computing.  In a recent communication Ms. Baltes wrote: “the biggest caution is all things in their time and place ‘“ schools can’t be everything/do everything all the time.”

21st Century Technology Use in Schools reduced size

The final version of the guidelines  is now available: 21st Century Technology Guidelines For Principals June 8 2015

Directions.  The complete directions are available here: technology guidelines directions June 8 2015 1pg-Yoga3CM

In an earlier blog post, CEI provided background information on the development of these guidelines.

If you are using these guidelines and/or have recommendations for improvement, please let us know.  (


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