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Being Curious About Being in Someone Else's Shoes

The Getting Unstuck– Cultivating Curiosity Podcast series has yet again produced a captivating installment with an episode on curiosity and perspective with Jeff Ikler and Dr. Christine Mason. Leadership Coach and Author Jeff Ikler discusses how curiosity "naturally forces us to slow down, to take ourselves off the autopilot or cruise control mode that is daily life for most of us. Being curious encourages us to engage more meaningfully with others at work, at home, and school. As we’ll hear in this series, being curious lays several other key benefits right at our feet".

Throughout the series, Jeff Ikler prompts guest speakers with briefly talking about aspects within their own life that peak their curiosity, making them tilt their heads in figuring out how to satisfy it.

Check out the interview on Apple Podcasts from Career Coach Jeff Ikler with Dr. Christine Mason, the Executive Director of CEI on how being curious encourages us to engage at work, home, and school.

Within this series chapter, Podcast Host Jeff Ikler speaks with guest Dr. Christine Mason, Executive Director of the Center for Educational Improvement; Assistant Clinical Professor, Department of Psychiatry Yale University School of Medicine, Program for Recovery and Community Health; Chief Advisor, Childhood-Trauma Learning Collaborative; New England Mental Health Technology Transfer Center. Dr. Mason has co-authored several books, notably Visioning Onward and Compassionate School Practices.

In this episode, Chris engages her curiosity to pause and gain perspective on how others live.


“I'm curious. Like, what will happen? I try to think about it from the other person's perspective. If I were in their shoes and living in that situation, what would it be like? And I think that creates a certain openness to experiences.”


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