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Leading with Vitality and Hope Webinar

Leading with Vitality and Hope provides a practical resource for educators who want to move beyond the challenges schools are facing today.

Leading with Vitality and Hope suggests that we must first re-introduce a sense of vitality and hope. This can be done with mindfulness, visioning, and strategic leadership that attends to self-care, advocacy, and collective efficacy.

Dr. Christine Mason, Dr. Melissa Patschke, and Kevin Simpson along with Melanie Johnson, Dr. Orinthia Harris, Victoria Romera, Kevin Hawkins, Jillayne Flanders, and Ruth Freeman, discussed how their visions have set the stage for transformational change to enhance equity, reduce discrimination, alleviate trauma, and lead to greater well-being for students and staff in schools.

Leading with Vitality and Hope: Embracing Equity, Alleviating Trauma, and Healing School Communities.

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