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11 Award Winners and More Opportunities – Validation Study Continuing

By Christine Mason, CEI Executive Director and Paul Liabenow, CEI President

A huge, huge thanks to all who have responded to our Compassionate Schools Validation Study. Round 1 ended yesterday and we are starting Round 2 today, with more opportunities for your input — once again we will be awarding 11 Amazon gift cards.  

Click here to begin the surveyPrincipals, please forward to your teachers to respond. For more information on the survey, scroll to the bottom of this blog.


The Grand Prize Winner, the respondent winning the $250 Amazon gift card, is Patti Smith, a second grade, special education teacher at Holmes Elementary School in Ypsilanti, MI.

The recipients of the 10, $50 Amazon gift cards are:

Susan Purtell, a 2nd and 3rd grade special education teacher at Brooke Elementary School in Royersford, PA

Shelby Roberts, a K-1st grade instructional aide at Mantua Elementary School in Fairfax, VA

Hannah Bonetti, a 2nd grade teacher at E.P. Todd Elementary in Spartansburg, SC

Christy Dovick, a 4th grade teacher at Soo Township Elementary School in Sault Ste. Marie, MI

Cheryl Verdahl, a 1st grade teacher at Wayne Winter Elementary in Canton, MI

Britton West, a 5th-6th grade teacher at Sheldon Elementary in Houston, TX

Katelyn Campbell,  5th grade teacher at Chisholm Trail Intermediate in Fort Worth, TX

Susan Kaiser, an Art/Music/PE Specialist, at St. Francis Xavier School in Phoenix, AZ

and Kathryn Braisted, a Kindergarten Teacher at Washington Yu Ying Charter School in Washington, DC

Bonus!  CEI also conducted an additional campaign to increase urban responses from the Washington DC metropolitan area — we added two additional $50 Amazon gift cards, with cards going to:

Alicia Passante, a teacher at Center City Public Charter School in Washington, DC

Yuching Chang, a 5th grade teacher at Washington Yu Ying Public Charter School in Washington, DC

More Information on the Survey and our Validation Study

Our 12-15 minute survey measures teacher opinions regarding implementation of mindfulness, compassion, courage, equity, neuroplasticity, and cultural competence. Paul Liabenow, CEI President, reminds us that, “A positive school climate boosts student achievement. Your responses are important to development of a final instrument that is most responsive to your interests. We are half-way to our goal – the targeted number of participants needed for a highly credible validated instrument. Please help us reach our aim!”

Any school with over 20 teachers responding and a 80% response rate will receive its individual results-individual teacher data are completely confidential — all data are analyzed in the aggregate.


Round 2 Awards will be announced on March 1. Last Day to Respond – Feb. 28 Teachers may enter a random drawing to receive Amazon gift cards.  We will be awarding 1 Grand prize – a $250 Amazon Gift Card – and 10 additional gift cards, valued at $50 each.


Our thanks to MEMSPA (the Michigan Elementary and Middle School Principals’ Association), TEPSA (the Texas Elementary Principals and Supervisors Association), and Lead180 for your support. Contact cmason@edimprovement,org if you have questions. Note: Award winners were selected using a random number generator. The greatest number of responses to date came from SC, MI, TX, and VA.


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