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Yoga Dog Inspires Kids

By Nick Jones, CEI Intern

There are thousands of fitness and health videos for adults and now, thanks to the team at Kids’ Wellness Alliance (KWA), children have access to age-appropriate resources as well.


It’s no secret that health and productivity positively correlate. The healthier one is, the more productive they will be. This is the mission of KWA’s Yoga Dogâ„¢, a ’22-minute “edutainment” video program targeting the imaginations, emotions, and mobility of children everywhere!”

In an effort to fight childhood obesity and help families practice healthier lifestyles, the KWA team is developing content that will engage a target audience of kids aged 3 to 7, but will attract the interest of people all ages.

The program promotes more than just yoga and physical fitness, though. Watching characters like Sassy Cat, Just Bee, and Glow – Yoga Dog’s personified aura, kids will learn how to release their energy productively, learn about positively interacting with others, and solving problems, not to mention fostering an appreciation for nature.

Click here to learn more about Kids Wellness Alliance and support Yoga Dogâ„¢.

To learn more about CEI’s opinion on Yoga, please click here and refer to our blog.

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abivarshan 2022
14 sie 2023

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