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Cascading Wishes for 2014

By Christine Mason. Waking to snow on the ground with the wind howling in the background early this morning, I am reminded of the power of nature and the responsibility we have as guardians of this planet.  Whether it be snow in the Washington, D.C., area delaying or closing schools; water cascading down a mountainside drawing crowds of onlookers (the photo is from Norway); a day that is simply “average” for the time of year; or a catastrophe bringing grief, empathy, and critical support round the world to communities in need, nature rules.

So in this high-tech era, with robo-dogs, 24/7 communication at our fingertips, entertainment on demand, quantum computers, and an ever evolving global awareness as we are able to get sound bites from distant lands, where does nature fit?  Does it make a difference?  Is global warming something to “simple observe” or could we become more active in halting the damage to our ozone?  Is there a role for schools?

Given our world with the kaleidoscope of needs and CEI’s mission, what do we wish for in 2014?  First, growing prosperity, health and well being for those individuals and countries who are most in need. For an end to hunger and basic needs for security to be met for all. Second, for an awakening in the hearts and souls of all — an awakening to the knowledge that we all count and that we can make a difference in our lives and the lives of others.  For an awakening that we can heal ourselves and that we can use and advance our technologies and innovations for the good for all, to create better world-wide communities. Third, for wisdom — for wise leaders and followers who are tech and business savvy and who are conscious, aware, informed, reflective, empathetic, humble, creative, brilliant, and kind.

CEI’s wishes and dreams for 2014 truly are cascading — with the energy of a waterfall we envision a rush of “goodness” sweeping over our planet and we are intent on bringing momentum and vitality to our wishes and dreams.  We welcome your assistance and involvement.

Author’s note: If you have not completed the CEI survey, which will help us make decisions about how to involve you, please do so.


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