March 4, 2013

Rigor Workshops

Ideal for K-12 School Leaders

NAESP roadmap to rigor rubricThe Center for Educational Improvement (CEI) and the National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP) have a mutual interest in improving “Academic Rigor” in schools. CEI is interested in conducting research on Rigor. NAESP is currently offering Roadmap to Rigor Workshops based on NAESP’s newly developed academic Rigor Rubric.

The Rigor Rubric helps principals and teachers engage in discussions about rigor and plan for integrating greater rigor into instruction in their schools.  While it can be used as an observation and feedback tool, many principals may find it easier to use this instructional leadership tool to help teachers become more aware of the components that facilitate greater rigor.

A really strong component of the rubric is that it describes in detail what the teacher is doing and what the student is doing and outlines the process necessary to address higher-order thinking skills, deep understanding, problem solving, and metacognition. The rubric includes an extensive annotated bibliography of books, articles, websites, DVDs, and YouTubes related to rigor and brief descriptions of what the resources are all about.

Kathleen Sciarappa, Ph.D., leads the NAESP workshops on the Rigor Rubric. The workshops can be delivered at your school, district, or state conference and customized for training K-12 administrators, leadership teams, and/or district staff. Participants will:

  • Reflect on the relevance of rigor to the high academic standards and 21st century learning
  • Consider examples and non-examples of rigor
  • Learn about research and best practices around rigor
  • Learn how to use the NAESP Rigor Rubric
  • Apply portions of a rigor rubric to various teacher lessons;
  • Return to school ready to integrate the academic rubric into daily lessons

kathleen-sciarappaDr. Sciarappa is collaborating with CEI in delivering workshops related to rigor. Dr. Sciarappa has 26 years of experience as an elementary and middle school principal and has received numerous awards for her work. She was an urban educator in Ohio and now pursues her interest in working with aspiring, new, and practicing principals as a mentor, adjunct professor, and educational consultant. Dr. Sciarappa coordinates a statewide mentor program for school leaders in New Hampshire, facilitates principal networks, and is a trainer with NAESP’s principal mentor program. She has been a guest speaker at numerous professional gatherings throughout the nation. Dr. Sciarappa holds a Doctorate of Education from Nova Southeastern University, a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study in Educational Leadership from Plymouth State University, and a Master of Education from Northeastern University.

Please contact Christine Mason (cmason@edimprovement) to bring this workshop to your school or district.