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Learn More: CEI Internships

Work with us!

With a focus on engagement and mentorship, CEI's virtual internship program offers hands-on experience by shadowing and providing vital support to experienced educators and researchers.

There are opportunities to support and conduct research, develop and write content, and gain skills in teamwork, organization, accountability, and problem-solving. 
Working from Home

Our internship may be particularly useful for recent graduates or graduate students who are interested in becoming more involved in educational policy or administration. We are committed to our mission to support heart centered learning and leadership.


Work with us to:

  • Improve the quality of teaching

  • Help schools and teachers replicate the best educational practices

  • Strengthen school leadership and management

  • Use trauma-informed practices to increase student engagement and learning

  • Provide supports for early career principals

  • Build school capacity

For more information, email CEI's Executive Director. To apply now, include a brief biographical statement and your most recent resume/CV in your correspondence.

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