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CEI identifies, researches, shares, and applies compassionate school mental health practices. 


Our goal is to accelerate the adoption and implementation of evidence-based practices that address the holistic needs of students and staff. We guide educators as they create a culture and context for students to become enthusiastic lifelong learners.


We also offer practical solutions that help elementary and secondary teachers, principals, school psychologists, and other school staff reduce stress and symptoms of burnout, anxiety, and depression, including the vicarious trauma that affects many educators and school staff. 

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CEI Honored as a Pioneer

CEI was recognized as a 2016 Pioneer by the Children’s Well Being Initiative sponsored by the Ashoka and Robert Wood Johnson Foundations for our Heart Centered 21st Century Tool.

Our research includes scanning the environment to curate and share information on the latest 21st century innovations in learning. We also design and conduct our own research studies to improve education.

Promoting Heart Centered Education® (our signature approach to social emotional learning/mindfulness focusing on compassion, courage, confidence, consciousness, and community) to equip students with the intellectual, personal, emotional, and social skills needed for success at school and throughout their lives.

To lead schools to excellence, CEI:

  • Offers a cadre of professional trainers and education consultants experienced in delivering effective professional development and monitoring and evaluation services to support school/district professional development activities.

  • Publishes practical and inspirational information on educational innovations through blogs, newsletters, and scholarly publications.

  • Networks with schools and districts, government agencies, nonprofits, as well as community and faith-based organizations to expand educational dialogue.

  • Partners with educational leaders and mental health professionals to provide innovative educational initiatives and/or conduct educational research to help them vision the future, make strategic plans, build capacity, and expand their programs.

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