December 26, 2013

Professional Development

Mindfulness and 21st Century Learning Improving Children’s Well-being and Academic Achievement

The Center for Educational Improvement (CEI) offers professional development, training, and consulting services to principals, teachers, leadership teams, and districts. By sharing evidence-based 21st century innovations in learning, we help you raise student performance in culturally sensitive and uplifting ways.

CEI will customize our services to your needs. We can deliver them in-person on-site, remotely via the web, or in blended formats (combining in person and virtual)— including our Wow!™ approach.

 Offerings – Latest Certification Services

New! Trauma and Mindfulness Workshops and Technical Assistance.  CEI is now offering Mindfulness awareness and training for teachers, principals, and students. Dr. Mason and Dr. Rivers Murphy are collaborating with Dr. Yvette Jackson to bring you Mindfulness Workshops based on our book to be published in 2018. With our workshops and technical assistance, learn about how to alleviate the impact of trauma through mindfulness and heart centered learning. Mix and match workshops to meet your needs:

  • Mindfulness in Schools: An Introductory Overview (includes information on research findings, best practices, and implications for children’s well being and academic achievement)
  • Poverty, Drug Abuse, Urban Crime – Trauma and Mindfulness
  • Understanding Toxic Stress and Trauma – neuroscience and ways to alleviate short and long-term effects
  • Mindfulness and Cultural Competence
  • Mindfulness and Reducing Stress for Teachers and Principals
  • Healing in the Classroom
  • Benefits of Deep Breathing and Movement, including Yoga and Heart Beaming
  • Meditations for Classrooms
  • Mindfulness Practices for Teachers and Principals
  • Mindfulness and Classroom Instruction
  • Neuroscience, Executive Functioning, and Enhancing Academic Achievement
  • Mindful Leadership
  • Mindfulness and Yoga Play for PreK-Kindergarten – Available March 2018

Mindfulness and Yoga Play for Prek-Kindergarten

Yoga, mindfulness, and yoga play can be incorporated naturally during group time, nap time, and story time in your preschool-K classes. Learn about the music, stories, books, websites and resources that you can use and receive instruction in basic yoga poses that children love. Book Mindfulness and Yoga Play for Prek-Kindergarten as a 90 minute, 1/2 day or day long workshop.

Yoga, Mindfulness, and Meditation for Schools

Dr. Mason has 17 years experience teaching yoga, mindfulness, and meditation.  She can customize these sessions for teachers and other school staff, parents, and children. Special:  If Dr. Mason provides another workshop for your district, she will add a 30 or 50-minute yoga/meditation/mindfulness workshop at no additional charge.

Heart Beaming® Certification. Heart Beaming provides a way to relieve stress, support student engagement, and add heart to your classroom. CEI is now training teachers and others to implement this program. Training includes special instruction in teaching heart beaming to PreK-12 students. Training will support CEI’s teacher friendly Heart Beaming booklet. If you have no prior yoga experience, we can arrange prerequisite training. Contact  to learn more.

Range of Services

We offer school leaders a wide range of professional development services:

  • Mentoring and coaching principals in innovations to become transformational leaders who support continuous improvement, build staff capacity and morale, and embrace data-driven decision-making. We are particularly focused on a collaboration with NAESP to develop principal mentoring for instructional leadership.
  • Closing the gap between what is known about student achievement and what is practiced in schools—particularly in the areas of rigor in the classroom; neuroscience; science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM); and Heart Centered Education (our signature approach to social emotional learning, mindfulness compassion, courage, confidence, consciousness, and community).
  • Building conscious school communities through visioning and facilitating communication, leadership, and heart centered activities. CEI embraces cultural diversity in all aspects of our service delivery.
  • Designing protocol, curriculum, and instructional strategies harnessing data to personalize instruction in mixed-ability classrooms and increase student engagement and self-determination. Our approach is inclusive.  We help you personalize, differentiate, and scaffold instruction to meet the unique needs of students who are English language learners, have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder or other disabilities, or have specific gifts and talents.
  • Unleashing every school’s potential to be a great school—building on the strengths and interests of  the schools while introducing innovations and improving practices.

Customized Training

CEI’s team offers cutting-edge, practical, hands-on workshops to lead your school or district to excellence, such as our Rigor Workshops and STEM Workshops. We also offer training modules customized to meet your individual school or district’s needs. Our training modules can be delivered in one- to three-hour sessions or combined into multi-day workshops. Please select a training module category below to learn more about our them.

Please contact Dr. Christine Mason at for more information on pricing and/or bringing CEI’s professional development services to your school, district, or conference. To design a customized approach for your school, district, or conference, we offer two hours of free consultation.