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Mindfulness, Heart Centered Learning® & STEM/STEAM

The Center for Educational Improvement (CEI) partners with schools and districts to help them implement mindfulness, heart centered learning, and STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math). We offer professional development workshops to improve teacher’s understanding of trauma, neuroscience, social emotional learning, and mindfulness. If you are particularly interested in improving your STEAM offerings, check out our workshops designed for preschool and elementary teaching teams. With all of our work, we focus on innovations, building exemplary schools and principals, conducting workshops, and undertaking research to create optimal learning environments.

Learn more about CEI's approach to building consciousness, compassion and mindfulness. We can help reduce teacher stress; empower teachers so that professional development addresses their interests; and help further student resiliency, grit, and courage. If you are looking for evidenced-based 21st Century approaches, CEI is at the forefront!

CEI Executive Director Coauthors Book on Mindfulness

Our focus

Curating and Sharing Information on Latest 21st Century Innovations in Learning
Heart Centered Learning

CEI’s signature approach to social emotional learning/mindfulness (life skills for success) focusing on five Cs.

Rigor in the Classroom

Cutting-edge best practices for creating environments where all students are supported in learning at high levels.


Exploring how the brain acquires, stores, and uses information to fast-track academic gains.

Science, Technology, Engineering & Math

Leading schools to excellence via 21st century science, technology, engineering, and mathematics curricula and strategies.

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