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The Eve of Tomorrow

Updated: May 27, 2021

By Christine Mason, CEI Executive Director


If nothing else, the events of the past year have reinforced the importance of democracy and the importance of America’s place in the world.  My husband and I recently traveled to Portugal and the message from global travelers we met still echoes with me: “we count on America.” The world counts on America to be just, to be an exemplary example of the “balance of power,” to stand up for the little guy, to step in when bullies try to take over. Now, we do not always get it right. We sometimes wait far too long to try to help. Sometimes we get caught up in the middle of things where we have no idea what to do. We have been wrong. However, in America, we can say we were wrong; we can say “forgive us.”

Voting in America is a significant responsibility. Like many Americans I have been watching the polls. I am proud to see that many voters are voting early. There is not time for complacency right now. My husband and I will be waiting in line at the crack of dawn tomorrow. And then there will be the hours of waiting. With anticipation and hope. And gratitude that we live in a country where our votes matter.


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