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By Christine Mason.

As 2013 draws to an end, it seems like a  perfect time to reflect on what we have done this year to enrich the lives of others.  Consider your school. For school leaders who have been under pressure to meet standards and  improve academic achievement, December provides  a time to reflect on the past few months and consider a few questions about your school climate, the attitudes of students, and how well you and your students play together.  Here are a few questions for starters:

  1. What evidence do you have that your students are sharing, considering the opinions and interests of  their classmates, and enjoy helping others?

  2. Are teachers and others providing special instruction and opportunities for some of your students who seem to be needing guidance?

  3. Are you developing partnerships with parents to build social skills?

  4. How do you, your teachers, and staff model the “kindness” behaviors you expect of your students?

  5. What else could you do in 2014 to advance kindness, compassion, and caring?

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