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CEI’s Heart Beaming Tool

Updated: May 27, 2021

Heart beaming

Why Heart Beaming®?

  1. Heart Beaming is a positive thing for youth and adults to do. It is not expensive. It does not take hours of in-service and preparation to learn to teach. The only equipment required is one’s heart, body, and mind. It can be done anywhere, anytime.

  2. It is more than reading about change, and it really connects with individuals at a level that is beyond words’” it is one thing to protest, another to role play, and something else to simply sit and project out love.

  3. From what we know about neuroscience, by heart beaming, and focusing our energies on projecting out love, we are wiring our thoughts for a positive connection with others. By adding the heart-hand component, hands over heart, we have added a kinesthetic experience to the mental projection. By engaging in Heart Beaming, especially with repetition over time, there is a high likelihood that other, less positive thoughts will be replaced with thoughts of love and kindness.

CEI’s Heart Beaming  publication can now be ordered in bulk. The publication includes easy-to-follow diagrams and steps for using breath, movement and brief exercises to take ‘mind-breaks’ to promote compassion, student engagement and learning. Heart Beaming works well with morning meetings, and also for brief 3-5 minute stretch breaks.

Pricing below reflects bulk discount pricing for order quantities of 5, 10, 20, or 100. Contact CEI directly to order other quantities to meet your school or district needs. Quantity Options: Heart Beaming 5 copies $15.00 USD Heart Beaming 10 copies $29.00 USD Heart Beaming 20 copies $50.00 USD Heart Beaming 50 copies $110.00 USD

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