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CEI Innovations Ship- Classrooms of the Future – at NAESP Conference

By Christine Mason


The National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP) will be holding its Annual Conference in Long Beach, CA this summer — June 30-July 2.  CEI is excited to announce that once again we will be holding a “panel meeting” discussion with some of CEI’s top leaders.

To get the best conference rates, sign up before February 20 for the NAESP early bird registration.

Join me, and CEI Board members Dr. Kathleen Sciarappa, Dr. Nancy Phenis-Bourke, and Paul Liabenow, along with Dr. Melissa Patsche, Jill Flanders, Heather Smith, Greg Egnor, and others as we discuss how we are implementing 21st Century learning and consider Classrooms of the Future.


Note that this year NAESP is also thinking forward with its slate of speakers including:

  1. Keynote Speaker Heidi Jacobs  on “The Future of Education: Mapping the Big Picture”

  2. Kim Marshall on “Educational Trends, What’s Next?”

  3. Kaynote Speaker Erik Wahl on Rediscovering Your Creative Genius

  4. Bob Marzano and Darrell Scott  on “Awakening the Learner”

Coming Soon:  Additional information on the CEI session, including registration information

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