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Visioning for the Future of Education

We believe lasting, effective change happens when leaders listen to school community stakeholders, form core learning teams to help do the work, and set up systems and routines to support that work. We have developed a framework that guides educational leaders through this process of intentionally visioning how their schools can become compassionate learning communities.

The visioning process for school improvement that we developed is an evidence-based method for engaging all community stakeholders—staff, students, parents, organizations, and agencies in your town and state—in the process. We recommend an iterative visioning process that involves initial discussion, followed by reflection and consideration of alternatives, and then refining the vision.

Understanding the steps to an iterative visioning process in your school is a great place to start this journey, but before you begin, it’s important to understand the why and how behind this undertaking.

Christine Mason, PhD
Founder and Executive Director
Center for Educational Improvement

Lead Author:Visioning Onward:
A Guide for All Schools

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Visioning is the necessary groundwork for creating compassionate school communities immersed in heart centered learning. Visioning Onward helps school and district leaders set up a concerted effort and systems to do this more intentionally.


Visioning for the Future of Education
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