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Addressing Racial Equity and Ensuring Inclusion

We are laser-focused on efforts to launch, lead, and support systematic and consistent approaches that build on the field of practice and learning around racial justice and equitable community change. Through this initiative, our work is to map, document, and analyze processes, capacities, resources, and strategies; distill lessons; and disseminate innovative policies and practices.​

Discussions around equity are important and relevant, now more than ever, amid the COVID-19 pandemic and calls for racial justice around the globe. To move from awareness to action, there must be consistent, open dialogue around the imbalances within our educational system and the changes that must be made.

COVID-19 put a magnifying glass on issues of race and access to fair and equitable supports and services in all sectors of society—from health care to schools and learning. The call to action is clear, we need systematic change that recognizes inequities and works to ensure justice, equality, and inclusion in a way that represents and respects diversity. This is the coalition of conscious we want to tap into, work with, and share with policymakers, educators, as well as, students, families, and communities.

Schools and districts have pledged a strong commitment to teaching practices that break down barriers to access and justice. The goal is for compassionate, trauma-skilled teaching practices to be the new normal in this equitable paradigm we envision. To reach this goal, educators must first be willing to engage in confrontation, conversation, compassion, and change.

By continuing the conversation and working together to address greater justice and equity, and ensure community change, we can ensure all children, regardless of their zip code, attend great schools that equip them academically and support their social emotional learning and growth in ways that are inspiring, uplifting and that instills a sense of confidence in all learners.

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Kaela Farrise, MA

Program Assistant 
Innovation & Research Support 
Center for Educational Improvement

Co-author: Back to School After COVID-19: Supporting Student and Staff Mental Health


Caring leaders must seek to support each other in turning our tragedies into growth, recognizing the joys among the ongoing and profound difficulties, and re-establishing school communities to serve everyone, with greater justice and equity.

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