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What Our Clients Say About Us

Re: Orinthia Harris, CEI's Preschool STEM/STEAM Presenter. "Mrs. Harris exudes passion through her high energy and engaging PD that leaves participants with practical strategies that can be utilized immediately.  Her powerful, motivational delivery projects a sense of self-efficacy that push educators beyond the traditional curriculum, to lead students toward an intrinsic love for learning."


–Camille Darden

Principal, Imagine Hope Community Charter School


The Center for Educational Improvement (CEI) provided a series of workshops for Potomac Public Charter School this year. The workshops focused on problem-based learning, arts integration, creativity and engineering, and motivating students through astronomy. Dr. Mason worked with an outstanding teams of presenters and all sessions were highly rated. My teachers and leaders found each session to be engaging, practical, and informative. CEI is truly focused on 21st Century Learning. Each seminar was up-to-date, included hands-on activities, great visuals, captivating videos, and opportunities for teams of teachhers to plan and problem solve together. I highly recommend Dr. Mason and CEI's team to any school or district that is interested in meaningful professional development, incorporation of the best research-based practices, and timely recommendations and follow-up. I appreciate the way CEI customized their work for us and I look forward to more professional development from CEI!"


–Dr. Marian White-Hood
Head of School, Potomac Preparatory PCS


The Center for Educational Improvement is dedicated to ensuring that social-emotional learning and physiological development are an integral component of a child's education. Through their Heart-Centered Program, the whole school benefits from practicing daily interactions that include justice, tolerance, kindness, mindfulness, and forgiveness. When an entire school is grounded in these precepts, a palpable community of thoughtful learners, children and adults, grows and succeeds."


–Jillayne Flanders
Executive Director, Massachusetts Elementary School Principals' Association


"After the first year of [Dr. Mason's] guidance, recommendations, and training seminars we moved from a rating of 'Academic Emergency' to 'Academic Watch.' This was a huge achievement for a school of our model, which is set up to serve potential drop-outs and students not performing positively in a traditional setting. In the past year we moved a full 15 points ahead on our Ohio Performance Index, from 49 to 64. Before that time we had never risen out of the 40's. Through end of year teacher surveys, it was clear that our faculty attributed much of our success to the initiatives and training provided by Chris and her team."


–Gregory R. VanHorn

Race to the Top Regional Consulting Specialist, Ohio Department of Education/Central Ohio Educational Service Center


"Dr. Christine Mason was a valuable outside partner in several capacities for the International Studies Academy at Lincoln-West High School during the 2010 / 2011 school year.... I found Dr. Mason to be very professional, flexible and accommodating  to all of our requests and was very professional and descriptive in her evaluations. I would recommend her to any school district or building that is willing to receive an honest assessment of the teaching and learning taking place in their classroom."


–Kenneth W. Robison

Assistant Principal, International Studies Academy at Lincoln-West High School, Cleveland, Ohio


Note: Dr. Mason sometimes teaches yoga under her spiritual name, Ravi Kaur. Here is a statement from one of her long-time students:

"Ravi's Kundalini yoga classes are full of classic and unique yoga postures, fabulous energy producing breath exercises, and the healing energy of thoughtful meditations which have helped me regain ,as a senior, much lost flexibility, mobility and a calm self assurance. She is a master teacher of the Kundalini style of yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. Great for all ages."


–Steve Simon, Ph.D.

Yoga student, Virgina


"Kundalini yoga has been an amazing discovery for me. This practice empowers my spirit as well as my body. Chris provides lessons which include physical poses, breathing techniques and focused meditations. Chris provides motivation, gives individual support, and encourages individual discovery and growth. Each class makes me feel energized and uplifted as well as calm, focused and with a sense of wellbeing. Thank you!"


–Carol Roach

Yoga student, Virgina


"It is my immense pleasure to recommend Dr. Mason to any education organization. Her experience, and her skills will definitely make a tremendous different."


–Jean-Basile N'guetta

Middle School Director, Mary McLeod Bethune Day Academy, Washington, DC


"Dr. Mason has a vast network of professional affiliates. She and her team at the Center for Educational Improvement provide high-quality training and technical assistance to schools and districts throughout the United States and abroad. I am proud to be counted among her many professional colleagues and pleased to highly recommend her to you."


–Kathy Ward-Cameron

President, Early Literacy Institute, Washington, DC; Ohio; and Wisconsin


"We have really appreciated the services provided by CEI. I believe the professional development provided to the teachers will make for more meaningful instruction and student engagement in the future. We will certainly see how we might use your wealth of knowledge in the future."


–Dr. Linda McKay

Executive Director, Mary McLeod Bethune Day Academy Public Charter School, Washington, DC


"Suzan [Mullane] is an amazing speaker! I feel privileged to have attended the STEM/STEAM workshop. I have heard of STEM before but was not sure how it related to social studies and project-based learning. Ms. Mullane showed me how easy it was to infuse; I learned more from her in one day than an entire semester with some professors. Thank you!"


–Melissa Maynard

Tug Valley High School, Mingo County, WV


"I have worked with Dr. Mason and her team for quite some time, first as a classroom teacher and now as a school leader. The thorough observations and feedback and coaching provided by Dr. Mason and Ms. Labib have been an valuable asset to our school community. Our teachers are able to have a third party to work with in a non-evaluative environment. The instructional coaching is always in line with our school-wide goals as well as the professional development goals of the school and each individual teacher. Feedback to the teachers as well as the administrative team is always timely and comprehensive. As a new school leader I felt that coaching was essential. Naturally, I turned to the best, Dr. Mason. I know that I continue to grow as an educator and now as an administrator due in part to Dr. Mason. When I am challenged with how to deal with any aspect of school leadership from data to individuals on my staff, Dr. Mason always has a strategy or more importantly and more often she has a way of helping me to key into what I already know in order push me to use my skills and knowledge of best practices to make the best decision in any situation."


–Jacque Hayden

Assistant Principal, Hospital High School, Washington, DC


"I just wanted to send you a quick note and tell you thank you so much for having Mrs. [Suzan] Mullane there today. I thought STEM wouldn't work in a History classroom until she showed us how it already is and how beneficial it really can be. Thank you for your hospitality. On behalf of all the Tug Valley Teachers in attendance, I thank you very much."


–Melissa Maynard

History Teacher, Mingo County Schools, WV


"After two days of Ms. [Suzan] Mullane's presentations, I was sad to see her leave. I was ready to hire her for our permanent professional development specialist here in Huntington. PD is not always welcomed with enthusiasm; Ms. Mullane, on the other hand 'WOW-ed' us and engaged the most reticent to full participation. We look forward to have her back next year for several more sessions."


–Allyson Schoenlein

Director of Title One Services, Cabell County Schools, WV, and Board of Trustees for International Alliance of Invitational Learning

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