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Essential Core: Common Core for School Principals

NAESP is collaborating with other national organizations to assist school leaders with planning for and implementation of the Common Core State Standards and the PARCC and Smarter Balanced Assessments. The session gives principals the opportunity to compare and locate commonalities and links among the CCSS, PARCC, and Smarter Balanced Assessments. They will explore approaches to integrating the standards into their own schools and discuss current processes that can be modified to expedite the shift. Comparative examples and recommendations from experts and policymakers,such as the Council of Chief State School Officers, the Partnership for the 21st Century, and the James B. Hunt, Jr., Institute for Educational Leadership and Policy, will be discussed. The workshop model will be one that can be readily replicated in individual schools to give teachers the opportunity to approach and manage needs such as: building skill mastery for math, text complexity, mathematical reasoning, and investigating implications of college and career readiness across grade levels.


Key Points

  • The Common Core Implementation Checklist can provide touchstones during the transition period.

  • A strong familiarity with the PARCC and Smarter Balanced Assessments eases integration of the CCSS into a school’s workload.

  • The time invested in creating teacher buy-in will pay off in a multiplicity of ways as the process develops.




1.5 hours




Dr. Christine Mason, Reem Labib


Christine Y. Mason, Ph.D., is Founder and Executive Director of the of Center for Educational Improvement. She is a nationally recognized expert in the area of educational reform, principal leadership and mentoring, and heart centered learning. She has 17 years’ experience as a yoga and meditation teacher. Mason has authored more than 100 books and articles, and given over 500 national, international, regional and local presentations. Her Ph.D. is from The University of Ohio.




Reem Labib, M. Ed., is an education consultant focused on school improvement and school reform efforts both in the United States and the Middle East. She has participated as a team member in school quality reviews for seven years, evaluating schools serving students in grades PreK-12. Labib holds a bachelor’s in psychology from The George Washington University and a master’s in education specializing in curriculum and instruction with a focus on multicultural education from George Mason University.

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