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Math Program Virtual Tool

How can technology be used to help schools learn more about their math program and about other programs around the world? The purpose of the MPVT (Mathematics Program Virtual Tool) is to provide schools with a snapshot of their mathematics curriculum, instruction, and assessment after a one-day virtual visit. This is a new tool piloted in 2012.


Many schools are wired with technology, which can be used to virtually visit math classrooms, facilitate focus groups with leadership teams, teachers, students, and parents, and review relevant content-specific documents. Triangulated data from these sources is used to provide schools with math feedback and next steps. This tool hopes to create an international database of world class math practices and programs while connecting schools globally with a focus on global conversations and professional development.


In this module, you can find out how your school can take part in MPVT. You can also participate in the MPVT survey before the module at


Key Points

  • The MPVT offers a summary of your school’s math program, which may be useful for a variety of purposes.

  • Participating in the global sharing of math program information will provide you with effective ideas to implement in your own program as well as connecting you with people in other parts of the world who have used a wide range of teaching strategies.




1 hour




Kevin Simpson


Kevin Simpson, M.Ed., from Flint, Michigan, and has been in the education field since 1998. He has taught and consulted in parochial, public, and international schools located in Washington, D.C.; Michigan; Virginia; Maryland; Laos; Qatar; Dubai; Lebanon; Egypt; Dominica; Bahrain; Venezuela; and Thailand. He was a National Consultant with the U.S. Department of Education’s Teacher-to-Teacher Initiative, which provided effective, research-based practices to educators across the country.

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