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Courageous Leadership for Aspiring Leaders: Are You Ready?


Teacher leaders of today hold the most promise for improving our schools in this decade. A highly effective teacher is the most influential person impacting the achievement of students while a principal is the single most influential person in the school. This module explores the impact of expanding the sphere of influence. Not sure you’re ready for the leap? Come and discuss the power, passion and potential of the courageous leadership.


We’ll examine key research regarding the quality of successful school leaders and assess why principals succeed or fail. We’ll consider factors, including current leadership experiences that can indicate if you’re ready to move into larger positions, and discover how to be supported as you make this important transition from assistant to principal or from teacher leader in the classroom to school leader and key person in the school, community, state and beyond. Activities will include creating an action plan.


Key Points

  • There are specific ways that five years in a position of leadership has a large impact on school reform.

  • Mentor relationships and collegial associations provide professional and personal benefits.

  • Missteps can be corrected; early behaviors help assure long-term success. There are ways to ‘practice’ leadership prior to assuming a principalship.




2 days (complete), or 1 day (limiting certain aspects of the topic)




Dr. Kathleen Sciarappa



Kathleen Sciarappa, Ph.D., has 26 years of experience as an elementary and middle school principal and has received numerous awards for her work. She was an urban educator in Ohio and now pursues her interest in working with aspiring, new, and practicing principals. Currently active as a mentor, adjunct professor, and educational consultant, Dr. Sciarappa coordinates a statewide mentor program for school leaders in New Hampshire and facilitates principal networks.

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