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Math Makeovers


In a 2010 TED talk, Educator Dan Meyer said that math classes needed a makeover. He talked about what students lacked and how teachers can adapt tasks to ensure engagement and real world connections.


What do math and makeovers have in common? How do we improve math teaching and learning? What is your dream math classroom?

This module will explore practices that have been effective in turning math programs from ineffective to successful. Some of the locations these makeovers have taken place include the United States, Venezuela, and Dubai. Learn what your global colleagues at international and American curriculum schools are doing to ensure that advanced teaching methods and high levels of learning are taking place.


Key Points

  • Too many math classes have been caught in customs and assignments that have become less effective.

  • It is possible to shift away from ineffective math classrooms and institute new habits and methods that raise student engagement to an entirely refreshed level.

  • Math programs from other countries are often quite easily translated into what is needed in English classrooms.




1 hour




Kevin Simpson


Kevin Simpson, M.Ed., from Flint, Michigan, and has been in the education field since 1998. He has taught and consulted in parochial, public, and international schools located in Washington, D.C.; Michigan; Virginia; Maryland; Laos; Qatar; Dubai; Lebanon; Egypt; Dominica; Bahrain; Venezuela; and Thailand. He was a National Consultant with the U.S. Department of Education’s Teacher-to-Teacher Initiative, which provided effective, research-based practices to educators across the country.

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