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Meghan Wenzel, MS

Senior Researcher, Writer, and Editor of HeartMind eNews

Meghan is a Senior Researcher, Writer, and Editor of HeartMind eNews with the Center for Educational Improvement. With a background in developmental cognitive neuroscience and education, Meghan is very interested in early brain development and subsequent school performance and life opportunities. She has studied how early life stress negatively impacts the brain and examined how well-designed and timely interventions might alleviate these deficits.
Meghan studied Cognitive Neuroscience at Brown University and focused on the developing brain and its implications for learning and education. She studied Neuroscience and Education during her Masters at Teachers College, where she worked in Professor Kimberly Noble’s lab on Neurocognition, Early Experience and Development investigating how socioeconomic inequality impacts brain development.

During her senior year at Brown, she worked at KidsCount, a policy and advocacy non-profit organization focused on improving the health, safety, education, economic well-being, and development of Rhode Island’s children. After graduation, she worked at Knewton, an educational technology company focused on building an adaptive learning platform to provide more personalized learning experiences. She currently does user experience research and strategy to help shape educational technology, human resources, and business analytics products. She is interested in uncovering and understanding big problems and working to collaboratively and iteratively develop appropriate solutions. She is co-author of Compassionate School Practices: Fostering Children's Mental Health and Well-Being.

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