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Visioning Onward: A Guide for All Schools

The step-by-step guide to defining your vision—and making it reality. As a leader, it’s your job to look beyond the present and envision a brighter future for your school. Choosing the right path, however, can be a challenge.

This inspirational resource is your guide. By following its one-of-a-kind iterative visioning process, you’ll sharpen your vision into a road map for transformative change—tailored to the needs of your learning community. Features include:
- Key strategies and tools for building a shared vision
- Practical implementation ideas
- Case studies from exemplary schools
- Common trends at the heart of impactful, positive change
- Thought-provoking vignettes

Turn vision into reality, possibilities into plans, and create an environment that strengthens engagement, provides safe and nurturing learning opportunities, and produces students with the skills, knowledge, and disposition to be successful in life.

“Visioning Onward outlines the process and action steps for school leaders to create, share, and implement their vision for a school rather than adopting or adapting someone else’s vision. This practical guide is a must-read for all school leaders interested in creating and sustain­ing a school culture that continues to thrive and responds to changing times and one in which its stakeholders grow. The processes outlined in the book along with the case study examples make this a desk reference for every principal.”
— Paul M. Healey, Executive Director, PA Principals Association

“The most successful leaders don’t get to where they are by accident. They are strategic, purposeful, and visionary. Do you want these characteristics in your repertoire of leadership qualities? Then, grab a cup of coffee and a highlighter, and dig in to this invaluable resource. These three brilliant educators have built a step-by-step process to build, plan, and execute your vision. You won’t be disappointed.”
— Adam D. Drummond, Author and Thought Leader with the International Center for Leadership in Education

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