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Mindful School Communities: The Five Cs of Heart Centered Learning

Build a thriving school community that creates healthy, resilient, and successful students. A companion to Mindfulness Practices, this research-backed guide outlines how to teach self-regulation by fostering the five Cs of social-emotional learning and mindfulness: consciousness, compassion, confidence, courage, and community. The authors provide a wealth of practical exercises, strategies, and tools to bring this scientifically proven approach to life across grade levels and subject areas.

“This book is very engaging and informative. I learned concrete ways to build more mindful classrooms and school communities and strategies I can use to better support students and help them achieve their full potential. This book includes a wealth of academic research and examples of how other educators have successfully implemented these practices. I appreciated these success stories and learned from others' experiences. I liked how Mason, Rivers Murphy, and Jackson included a variety of exercises, activities, and tools to help illustrate and infuse heart-centered factors into any curriculum. This book is a great resource for any educator!”
— Meghan W.

“This text is a great book for educators to incorporate a more nurturing and compassionate environment for students. I found that the 5 C's - consciousness, compassion, confidence, courage and community - all come together nicely to help educators empower students and create a more sound learning environment. Some of the best parts of this book, is that it's interact and leaves room for readers to fill in surveys, questions and notes on each chapter, so it's more immersive than just reading a text. Would recommend it 10/10!
— Aisha

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