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Paul Liabenow

Past President

Board of Directors

Paul joined the MEMSPA (the Massachusetts Elementary and Middle School Principal’s Association) staff as Executive Director in 2012. He has dedicated his over 40 years in education to Michigan’s youth. With degrees from Michigan State University and Central Michigan University, Paul joined Cadillac Area Public Schools where he worked his way through the ranks of teacher, building leader, principal and district superintendent. He is also currently serving as Treasurer of Michigan Association of After School Partnerships, Past President of The Center for Education Improvement, President of Core Communications, President of The MEMSPA Foundation, and Board Member of the Michigan Assessment Consortium. Paul is co-author of Visioning Onward providing guidance for school leaders on the visioning process.

Paul is dedicated to serving MEMSPA members with legislative and legal concerns. He provides leadership coaching for both school principals and superintendents. He is passionate about honoring MEMSPA member’s school leadership by visiting schools and highlighting their successes. Paul engages Michigan and D.C. lawmakers on K12 education issues advocating for principals weekly. His creation of the MEMSPA Foundation and dedication to literacy has led to thousands of books being provided to students across the state.

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