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Kristol Cleaton

Research Assistant

Kristol is currently finishing her master’s in Neuropsychology at the Universidad Mayor in Santiago, Chile. In hopes of bringing a voice to the constant struggles educators are presently facing, her master’s thesis, “Relationship between stress and cognitive processes in primary schoolteachers working online during the COVID-19 pandemic”, looks into the relationship between stress and cognitive functions in K-12 teacher who had to overcome the hassles of teaching remotely. Apart from this, she is involved in investigative projects based on older adult health throughout Chile and how active lifestyles may decrease later cognitive decline.
Kristol is also a classical musician, French Horn, and received her undergraduate degree from the Universidad Mayor Conservatory. She hopes to continue her growth within the psychological and neuroscientific communities in order to find ways to connect her love for music and the need to help others. In addition, she has the urge to expand her knowledge as she is particularly interested in cognitive neuroscience and wishes to shift her focus toward early childhood development as she plans to pursue her doctorate.

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