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Tim Mills

Tim Mills, a Lecturer at Harvard University's Department of Continuing Education, specializes in Business Management and Agile Project Management. With over 25 years of experience as a project leader and management executive, Tim is a retired Lt. Colonel in the US Air Force, where he oversaw acquisition, test & development, and implementation of critical programs. Notably, he served as the logistics program manager for the USA/USSR INF Treaty On-Site Verification Program, earning the Secretary of Defense Superior Management Award.

In his role as an executive management consultant with KPMG Consulting, Perot Systems & IBM Global Services, Tim led global programs and projects, focusing on IT strategy, Project Portfolio Management, IT design, and global e-Commerce. A seasoned educator, Tim has taught business management and project management at California State University - Sacramento and served as a guest lecturer at the US Naval Postgraduate School - Monterey, CA.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Tim is a certified Kundalinī Yoga teacher and currently sits on the Board of Directors for 3HO International Foundation.

Tim Mills
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