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Recruiting, Developing and Retaining High Skill, High Will Teachers

To ensure a consistent and stable learning environment, effective teachers must be strategically recruited and supported in the complex tasks of setting and achieving both personal and professional goals that align with school-wide strategic goals. Intentional collaboration between the teacher and the administrator is crucial. The targets for this collaboration are: improved student performance, improved teaching practices, and professional growth of teachers. This process becomes much more valuable to all parties when the teachers’ individual growth areas are evaluated, and the individual professional development responses are designed to support, encourage, and evaluate the progress and success of teachers. In order to meet these objectives, participants examine their current recruitment and retention strategies, evaluate the current staff using a skill will matrix, and analyze current individual professional growth processes. Participants will create a system to ensure that all stakeholders have a process and timeline for professional reflection.


Key Points

  • Examining current methods of hiring and of fostering professional development provides an opportunity to reconsider the strengths and gaps in the established methods.

  • Creating time for reflection is key in order to re-examine ways to improve methods and assure that recruiting is done as effectively as possible for the long-term goals of the school.




1 day




Reem Labib


Reem Labib, M. Ed., is an education consultant focused on school improvement and school reform efforts both in the United States and the Middle East. She has participated as a team member in school quality reviews for seven years, evaluating schools serving students in grades PreK-12. Labib holds a bachelor’s in psychology from The George Washington University and a master’s in education specializing in curriculum and instruction with a focus on multicultural education from George Mason University.

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