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Collaborative Supervision and Evaluation

There is minimal research that supports current evaluation systems as a means to improve teacher practice or student achievement. With an increased emphasis on teacher evaluation as an accountability measure, it is the time to ensure that our efforts make a substantive difference. When supervision is framed as a collaborative process teachers become invested in their own improvement. This workshop addresses the entire supervision and evaluation process from the orientation meeting to the summative evaluation though the emphasis is on the formative process of teacher improvement. Teacher dismissal processes are also explored.

Key Points

  • The effective principal in today’s educational arena is not just an instructional leader, but also a capacity builder who is charged with helping those with whom they work maximize their potential.

  • Traditional ‘gotcha’ evaluation systems create a threat-based environment that reduces creativity, growth and risk taking.

  • People grow and develop when involved and invested in their own improvement.

  • Clear expectations with scaffolded support can have a positive impact on individual and group growth and development.




1 day (an optional half to full day can accompany this workshop for leaders to learn effective conferring and questioning skills)




Pam Conway

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