Kaela Farrise, MA

Program Assistant

Kaela is a therapist and consultant on issues related to the empowerment of communities of color, the experiences of people of color in predominantly white spaces, and in perceptions and treatment of mental health and mental illness in marginalized communities.

In her previous roles she worked as assistant director of a non-profit in Los Angeles developing programming to support students of color in predominantly white K-12 environments, as a therapist in a domestic violence emergency shelter, and as a behavioral therapist with children with an autism spectrum disorder diagnosis. She frequently presents to middle and high schools, colleges, and professional organizations on topics related to mental health and wellness, self-care, empowerment of students of color, impacts of trauma, and healthy relationships.

Kaela holds an M.A. in clinical psychology with specializations in community psychology and trauma psychology and a B.A. from Stanford University in urban studies with a focus on urban education, and African and African American studies.