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Little Learners, Big Hearts: A Teacher's Guide...

Discover the transformative power of early conversations on racial equity and cultural awareness with Little Learners, Big Hearts. This heartwarming teacher's guide fosters empathy and equity in young minds. Grounded in heart-centered learning, it seamlessly weaves principles of hope, self-education, acknowledgment, resolution, and responsive teaching to create an empowering antiracist foundation. Start shaping compassionate futures today.

Preschool and K-3 teachers and childcare providers will:
- Promote empathy for and understanding of backgrounds, cultures, and identities that are different from what students may be used to
- Use mindfulness and reflection to move past discomfort and engage in challenging conversations
- Engage in an ongoing process of acknowledging and confronting biases
- Shape young children's learning in a way that allows them to draw their own conclusions
- Be kind, caring, and meaningful forces in the lives of all students and their families

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