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Saving Battery Life on your Apple phone

By following a few tips, you can extend the life of your battery in order to enjoy social networks, iphone call recorder app and motion trackers. Let's look at some tips:

  • Remove Unwanted Widgets

This battery saving tip is very specific to iOS versions later than iOS 11 and it has to do with your widgets. What you want to do is you want to make sure that you remove any unwanted widgets because you don’t want them using up your precious battery life.

You also want to make sure that you don’t have too many widgets on the screen. This means every time you load up your widgets, it’s going to load all these different apps and really consume your battery life.

This is how you edit widgets:

Scroll to the right

Click edit right at the bottom of your widgets area

Then you can choose to delete any unwanted widgets that you want. You can also arrange the widgets as well but that’s not related to saving battery.

You could delete the different widgets especially if it’s one of those more complex widgets that’s really going to be constantly checking. For example, weather widgets.

If you don’t need it, then I definitely recommend removing it. I also recommend not having more than 10 or 15 widgets at a time, otherwise, you’re going to be using a lot of your precious battery life.

  • Tone Down Visual Effects

This battery saving tip could really save a lot of your battery over time and it’s something you probably don’t even think about that much. Have you ever noticed on your iPhone the little parallax effect you can see if you turn your iPhone screen to the side while it’s on? The icons move a little bit in conjunction with the device itself.

The various 3D effects were first introduced in iOS 7.

You could probably manage without it if you were trying to get a last half hour of use out of your iPhone on a long journey home. Of course, those really cool animations when you open up any app are all great but there is a way to turn this off.

If you’re really looking to save battery life, I recommend turning this off.

So here’s how:

Go into your Settings application

Click on General

Click on Accessibility

Then scroll down to Reduce Motion

Now, this is really hidden but it’s a great trick. All you have to do is click reduce motion and as you will see, it no longer has a parallax effect.

It also doesn’t have the animations when you open up applications which is going to save you a lot of battery life over time. Now of course if you’re an iPhone fan you’re going to love these animations. If you love the parallax effect, you don’t have to keep this off the whole time.

You can of course always toggle it whenever you want but this is a great way to save battery life if you really need to.

Note that this will replace many system zoom effects which don’t look as nice, but might just give you those extra few minutes power that you need.

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