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Opportunity for Principal & Teacher Voice Re: School Culture Assessment (Elem. & Middle)

Updated: May 27, 2021

Participating teachers who complete the validation study have an opportunity to enter a drawing for the following prizes: 10 Amazon Gift Cards valued at $50 each. We are particularly interested in involving elementary and middle schools where we might obtain a 65-70% response rate from teachers. (Principals, teachers, and other educators, your responses will be coded and reported separately.)

This validation study is being conducted by the Center for Educational Improvement, in conjunction with the Michigan Elementary and Middle School Principals Association (MEMSPA). Participation is voluntary, data will be maintained in secure files, and all results will be reported in the aggregate with no reports naming schools or individual respondents.

Our instrument, the S-CCATE (School Compassionate Culture Tool for Educators), was developed with input from principal leaders and teachers, and is based on research conducted in MA, PA, and WVA last year.

  1. S-CCATE is used to help teachers vision, plan, implement, and monitor progress to develop more compassionate school environments.

  2. With ESSA, schools have an opportunity to use assessments of social emotional learning, school culture, and other measures to supplement reports on academic achievement as a way to document progress. Our goal is to validate S-CCATE as one of these options.

  3. Our S-CCATE process is an empowering process for teachers and principals.

We are passionate about the opportunity to re-create schools that are compassionate. We need your help to validate S-CCATE and capture the interest and attention of superintendents and educational decision-makers.

Thank you!


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