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CEI Presents at Syracuse Early Care Conference

Updated: May 27, 2021

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Dr. Mason’s session on Trauma and Early Childhood Education, based on research that CEI has been doing and a book on Heart Centered Learning that will be published later this year, began on a far more somber note. The reality is staggering. Over 6 million children each year are referred to Child Protective Services due to trauma as a result of neglect, or physical or abuse. Speaking about the extent of early developmental trauma, Mason began by asking the audience a series of questions:

  1. How many of you are teaching children in poverty?

  2. Are any of you working with children whose parents are incarcerated?

  3. Do any of you work with immigrant children?

  4. Do any of you work with children whose families or ancestors have experienced gender or racially-based injustice, bigotry, or discrimination?

  5. Do any of you teach children whose parents are divorced or are going through divorce?

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CEI presenters are available to travel to your schools, districts, and conferences. Contact for more information.


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