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CEI Becomes a Pioneer in the Children’s Well-being Initiative

Updated: May 27, 2021


CEI is overjoyed to announce that our “Heart-Centered 21st Century Learning” project has been named a Pioneer in the Children’s Well-Being Initiative! We have been invited into the inner council of Ashoka and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, forging a better vision for the lives of children growing up in America.

Children’s Wellbeing is hosting a Twitter Chat TOMORROW (Aug. 3) at 1-2pm EDT, and we are participating!

You can join the conversation anytime by following the hashtag ‘ª#’ŽChildrensWellbeing’¬ and by tagging your tweets with #ChildrensWellbeing so that everyone sees your tweets.

You can read our SUBMISSION to the initiative in the link HERE.


Highlights of the Submission:

  1. “What if schools were havens for healing and preK-12 grade classes were intentionally designed to promote student voice, thriving, & success?”

  2. “By age four, over one-quarter of America’s children have experienced significant trauma. In school, students experience further trauma through bullying and academic failure.”

  3. “The children we are teaching will only thrive and flourish when we meet children where they are; when we teach with a full realization of how to mindfully instruct in a way that pulls each child into the excitement of learning, and when we build neural pathways that help children overcome trauma and expand their confidence and self-esteem.”


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