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Our Leadership and Management

The Center for Educational Improvement (CEI) Advisory Board features national and international experts in the fields of education, neuroscience, and technology. Collectively, they provide us with critical strategic advice in fulfilling our mission to support and uplift schools through 21st century learning and leadership. Our Board of Directors governs our operations and provides critical oversight.


Advisory Board

  • Dr. Nancy Phenis Bourke, Consultant, Principal Mentoring

  • Dr. Elizabeth Johnson, Associate Professor, Eastern Michigan University

  • Dr. Kevin Green, Engineer and Executive Director, Akasha Learning System

  • Jacque Hayden, Instructional Leadership Executive Director, Baltimore City Schools

  • Dr. Lea Kuusilehto-Awale, Professor, University of Jyväskylä

  • Paul Liabenow, Executive Director, Michigan Elementary and Middle School Principals Association

  • Suzan Mullane, Educational Consultant

  • Dr. Kamran Namdar, Professor, University of Mälardalen

  • Dr. Renee Owen, Assistant Professor, Southern Oregon University

  • Dr. Melissa Patschke, Principal, Upper Providence Elementary School

  • Dr. Koncha Pinós-Pey, Estudio Contemplativo

  • Cosper Scafidi, MBA, managing partner Mind Body Matters, and parent of a child with Attention Deficit Disorders

  • Ana Saldahana, International Speaker and Mentor, Autonomous University of Lisbon

  • Dr. Kathleen Sciarappa, Consultant - Principal Mentoring

  • Kevin Simpson, Founder of KDSL Global, Co-Founder UAE Network 

  • Dr. Bruce Wexler, Neuroscientist and Professor of Psychiatry, Yale University 

  • Mary Woods, Principal Mentor Coach


Board of Directors

  • Dr. Kevin Green, Trustee

  • Paul Liabenow, President

  • Dr. Christine Mason, Executive Director

  • Suzan Mullane, Trustee

  • John Wilhelm, Secretary-Treasurer

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