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Food Insecurity Lessons

Are you looking for new ways to help your middle school students connect classroom learning to hunger in the real world?


Our Combating Food Insecurity Lessons: Action from Our Farms to Our Communities to Our Tables offer service learning projects, student presentation activities, and student entrepreneurship planning tools to assist youth in understanding the impact of food insecurity, water quality, and food production challenges in the United States and internationally. Our customizable sessions (covering four- to six-weeks depending on classroom needs) are designed specifically for adolescent learners to enable them to explore, brainstorm, investigate, and take action against hunger. Youth:

  • Identify solutions to food production and distribution challenges in the United States and internationally.

  • Learn about possible careers in agriculture, food production, or philanthropy.

  • Develop a deeper understanding about civic responsibility and the role of nongovernmental organizations in community and international development.

  • Deepen their critical thinking skills.


Our food insecurity lessons are available at no charge; we are, however, requesting feedback from users. For teachers interested in additional activities, an extended version with additional lessons can be downloaded from Our shorter, customizable version of the lessons is sponsored by the Center for Educational ImprovementLearning to Give, and the National Turkey Federation.



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