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School Improvement Planning

This module is a customized session for your school or district. We work with your educational team on developing a plan for school improvement.


In order to prepare, we will review the past few years, to be determined with you, and examine the available data about student retention, demographics, curriculum, teacher retention, school culture, student achievement, and more. Then we meet with you at an initial session to provide recommendations for a school improvement plan. Follow-up sessions can be arranged, too.

For those schools that have been implementing a school improvement plan already, we modify our preparation to include the plan and information on how it has served you. From there, we can make recommendations for next steps.

Key Points

  • A long-range plan can benefit from being re-examined by an experienced outside reviewer who can assess the progress of the school and analyze relevant data.

  • As school personnel and student bodies change, the school improvement plans may need to be refreshed or adapted in some ways in order to accommodate the shifts.




Dr. Christine Mason


Christine Y. Mason, Ph.D., is Founder and Executive Director of the of Center for Educational Improvement. She is a nationally recognized expert in the area of educational reform, principal leadership and mentoring, and heart centered learning. She has 17 years’ experience as a yoga and meditation teacher. Mason has authored more than 100 books and articles, and given over 500 national, international, regional and local presentations. Her Ph.D. is from The University of Ohio.

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