New Ways to Engage Students: Makerspaces

By Grace Rubenstein, CEI Intern Take the leap and join one of the latest innovations in STEM education at the primary and secondary school level. A makerspace can be in a school, a library, and even a museum. Any location commonly visited by children is the perfect point of interception for developing minds. Through age[…]

Athletics Complement Education – Year Round

By Drew Altizer, CEI Intern The Olympics are here and we are all basking in the thrill of the race, most often from the spectator stands via remote control. However, we really get more benefits when we participate! To the parents weary about their child getting head injuries and the students who think they don’t[…]

Mirror Neurons in Education

By Amber Nicole Dilger, CEI Intern.  Chances are you have heard about mirror neurons by now, but how have you incorporated the idea of them into your school?  If you missed it, there was a fascinating clip on NOVA in 2005 that explained the overview of these specialized so-called “empathy” neurons. More research has been done since[…]

Featured Speakers: Implementing 21st Century Solutions in the Classroom

Take the Helm at the NAESP Conference in Long Beach, CA, June 30 – July 2 The future is now! Join the Center for Educational Improvement (CEI) for a panel discussion focusing on innovations in the classroom. CEI is at the forefront of innovations in neuroscience, heart centered education, STEM, rigor, and principal mentoring. Date: Tuesday, June[…]

CEI’s New Free Tool on Heart Beaming

The Center for Educational Improvement (CEI) is pleased to release Heart Beaming: Positive Stress Relieving Exercises for Use in the Classroom in PDF format. Written by Dr. Christine Mason, CEI Director, and Karen Lee Banks, M. ED., CEI Research Associate, the document is a free tool teachers can use to help students relieve stress, improve performance,[…]

Using Neuroscience Research to Accelerate Learning

Editor’s Note: Activate is being offered at 10-percent discount to members of the National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP). Use the code NAESP13 to receive the 10-percent discount. CEI’s neuroscience research led us to a collaboration on Activate (formerly called C8Kids), a powerful cognitive training course, like a strength and conditioning program for the brain, which literally[…]

Neuroscience and the Argument for Fine Arts Education

By Suzan Mullane. “I think I should have no other mortal wants, if I could always have plenty of music. It seems to infuse strength into my limbs and ideas into my brain. Life seems to go on without effort whenever I am filled with music.” George Eliot clearly understood the power of music in[…]