Athletics Complement Education – Year Round

By Drew Altizer, CEI Intern The Olympics are here and we are all basking in the thrill of the race, most often from the spectator stands via remote control. However, we really get more benefits when we participate! To the parents weary about their child getting head injuries and the students who think they don’t
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Four Books on Feelings

By Jordan Gilliard, CEI Intern Many books for children, educators, and parents highlight the vulnerable emotions that students tackle both inside and outside of the classroom. These books can help children understand their emotions and build greater awareness of themselves and others.  Here is a sampler of a few books that are highly recommended by
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Cultural Responsiveness, Engagement & Learning

Cultural responsiveness is an element of education that educators have been working toward since the Civil Rights Movement. Recent attention to culturally responsive pedagogy has risen as more and more students extend the global characteristics of classrooms. Students from Pakistan, Indonesia, and Ecuador join Nigerian, Latino, Romanian, and Russian students’”all newcomers. Geneva Gay (2000) believes that when
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Learning and Young Children

I recently returned from a visit to an international school in Dubai. One of the most impressive things I observed was the respect that teachers showed young children.  One teacher, when she heard that some of the children had already read a particularly story, asked the group if they would like to hear the story again.
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